Monarch Waystation Registry

Please click here to go to our online registry. There are tabs along the top: Map, Registry, and Complete Detail to choose from. The easiest way to find your waystation is to filter. Filtering works the same on all tabs:

  1. Click the blue Filter button and, if you have your certificate, select ID. You may also use any other filter choice if you like. The ID ensures that the only waystation to appear will be yours. 
  2. A left side panel will open. If you clicked ID you will see numbers below the 2 ID boxes and Find button. The highest number showing is the highest number waystation currently in our registry*. If your number is below the highest number enter your ID in both boxes and click the gray Find button. 
  3. You should now see only your row if you are on one of the spreadsheet tabs or a single dot on the map. 


* Waystation additions and updates are added periodically to our register. The time-frame varies throughout the year and it may take longer for yours to appear during our busiest months (mid-late spring - early fall). We appreciate your patience. We will add your waystation to our registry as soon as possible.


Please note: Waystation locations on our map are based only on zip code only. This is to protect the privacy of our supporters. If you are searching the map with all waystations showing and you zoom in to find yours, there may be overlapping dots that cover yours up. Using the filter options can help you narrow your search a variety of ways. 


If you would like to update any of your waystation information, please email us at


Information about our entire Monarch Waystation Program, including a link to our registry can be found here on our website.