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Purchasing Tags

Tagging Kits are available from the Monarch Watch Shop at or by phone at 1-800-780-9986. An order form may also be downloaded and faxed or mailed using the contact information on the form. Don't forget a butterfly net! Quality nets are also available from the Monarch Watch Shop.


PLEASE NOTE: We only distribute monarch tags to areas of North America east of the Rocky Mountains.



How to Tag Monarchs

Watch a demonstration of how to safely tag monarchs by the founder of Monarch Watch, Professor Chip Taylor.


Carefully hold a monarch between your thumb and index finger along the leading edge of the butterfly's forewings (close to the body, not at the tip) and locate the discal cell (large mitten-shaped cell on the hindwings). The tag is placed over the large, mitten shaped cell (discal cell) on the underside of the hindwing of the monarch. This tagging method places the tag close to the center of lift and gravity for the butterfly so as to not interfere with flight or otherwise harm the butterfly.

Tagging monarchs is as easy as:

(1) record the complete 6-character tag code (e.g., ABC123) and other information requested on the datasheet;

(2) remove the tag from the backing, place it over the discal cell and position the pads of your thumb and forefinger over the discal cells on both side of the butterfly press firmly for two seconds; and

(3) release the butterfly.



Submit Your Tagging Data Sheet or Report a Found Tag

  • For those who tagged monarchs this year, use this form to upload your tagging data for the 2018 season.
  • If you have found a tagged monarch, please use this form to let us now. 
  • Our list of recovered tags can be can be viewed from this page



Monarch Migration

  • For information about monarch migration, click here.
  • Find the peak migration dates for your area here
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